Photography came to me like the onset of sudden sickness. I was at once overwhelmed and possessed by it. Digital was just a gateway drug to the harder stuff of film, first 35mm and then medium format.

Rule one, get the kit you want. Rule two, set the alarm early.

You find me mostly on Flickr where I go by the the handle of “tubb”, there is also a Tumblr at tubb.tumblr.com where photos are thrown to the viral wolves for amusement’s sake. I’m @christubb on Twitter but it isn’t much photo related.

From the west, via London to Brighton.

This site acts as a portfolio where I put up my favourite work. I am interested in unusual found objects, in the water, the land, and especially in the city. I have flirted with street photography but I prefer to be on a tripod for depth, and the time and peace to work with angle and line.

I wrote a thing for Londonist in 2010 about photography, go and read it.

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