From London to Brighton

We moved.

We had planned to move a year and a half ago, but planets had not swung into alignment merely at our will, so a family of four had increasingly squeezed into a two-bedroom flat in the Oval. In terms of photography this was a plus, with London on one’s doorstep. The greatest disadvatanges were the lack of storage (putting pay to the desire to develop my own) and photography as a route to peace and solitude foiled by 7.5 million other citizens, most of whom appeared to be security guards.

So I have waved goodbye to a couple of long term projects, the longest of which is my muddy habit of doing daytime long exposures of junk on the Thames, which has been going two-and-a-half years. The other was Nunhead Cemetery, a place I found by accident, but also afforded the space and time to explore as a three-dimensional photographic soft-play, with dereliction and the sting of mortality as bonus balls.

So we’re now in Brighton and from what I can see photography seems to be widely appreciated and often practiced, especially on film. I will try not to rush off and start taking pictures of sunsets, starlings, the West Pier and long exposure groynes however. I hate feeling that I am creating cliché, despite all things photographic having being done before. So I am facing the other way to begin with and heading for the South Downs getting a dose of peace and solitude as well as chunky dose of landscape that I’ve craved for a while.

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