Roundhill Plantation

Roundhill Plantation by tubb
Roundhill Plantation, a photo by tubb on Flickr.

Mamiya 7ii, Mamiya 43mm f/4.5L, Ilford Pan F+, Rodinal 1:50. Using a Lee 0.9 Hard Grad.

I sometimes come out of the woods.

Extra geekdom for Tubbfoto subscribers: I’m experimenting with a wider array of film and developers and this is a combo I am particularly happy with. It may even tempt me from Shanghai and XTOL. My current batch of Shanghai sticks in the gate at the end of the roll, which is fine if you are only planning one roll, bit time has permitted 20 shots on recent outings so I am using properly-expensive-grown-up stuff.

I have also invested in the Nik suite which has finally provided my with a sharpener that makes my cheapo scanner tolerable. It is genius and well worth the money.

Transverse, Newtimber Hill

Transverse, Newtimber Hill by tubb
Transverse, Newtimber Hill, a photo by tubb on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Mamiya 7ii, Mamiya 43mm f/4.5L, Ilford FP4+, XTOL1:2 11m 30s

My favourite weather for shooting in the woods is fog, not just because it looks spooky, but because it simplifies backgrounds. Shooting against a backlight can achieve a similar effect as the dynamic range of the subject in shadow placed on Zone V whacks the background way in ZIX or ZX and you lose all detail. Ansel is still rocking it.

The Hippy Tree, Cissbury

The Hippy Tree, Cissbury by tubb
The Hippy Tree, Cissbury, a photo by tubb on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Mamiya 7ii, Mamiya 43mm f/4.5L, Shanghai GP3, XTOL 1:1 10 minutes.

I found this tree on a shoot on my birthday in September, but I managed to ruin the frame when the TMAX disagreed when loading onto the Paterson reel.

It was a really bright morning. Backlighting like this would kill colour, but with black and white it just gives this ethereal glow.

On the back of the left hand bough is some paint where you can faintly read "The Hippy Tree". I did some searching and found that the Cissbury Ring was the location for a 1970s Isle of Wight style festival where about 12 people turned up.